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“You have to be proud to use the white jacket because you are making a change”.

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Since its establishment in 2017, IHM is been a unique, private, culinary arts and hospitality management college, offering a comfortable, family atmosphere on college and personalized learning support and career advice for every student.
HM College is its modern approach to culinary and hospitality management, marrying a contemporary culinary practice in a global scenario. A qualification from IHM is a stamp of excellence on any CV and will ensure that you are top of the pile for those first important interviews.

It is the combination of the skills and building leadership focus of the programs, practical skills, and industry-recognized work experience that allow IHM students to tailor their education and open doors to a wide variety of exciting career options around the world.

A distinctive aspect of the academy is that it does not provide education with recipes in training programs, but it provides culinary education with its math and chemistry and carries theory and technique to practice.

The combination of quality academic teaching, international standard practical training, excellent industry contacts and breathtaking scenery are a recipe for success.

Our graduates can be found in Senior positions in kitchen and leadership roles all around the globe. Their success shows that to reach the top it pays to start at the top!

Located in the heart of the Capital city of Nepal, Lalitpur, Satdobaoto with the Alps providing a spectacular backdrop, IHM is comprised of a legendary figure of the Nepalese culinary fraternity.

The mission for all students is “Come as a student, become a chef “-

The college LIKE your HOME, Chefs are like your MOM

 all of our programs are designed to give you the best chance at success. As an IHM student, you will be learning from experienced industry professionals in world-class training facilities designed to meet the needs of culinary students.

With small class sizes, you’ll be able to get the individualized attention you need to develop your creativity and technical skills through intensive hands-on training.

The role of our college is to train our students to become high-level professionals, able to take on leadership positions in the hotel and restaurant sectors, and in the service industry.

For that reason, we develop and deliver in-depth training that is constantly tailored to the most demanding of the hotel, hospitality, and tourism of these professions.

At the end of their studies, the graduates of IHM will have gained theoretical knowledge and exceptional level of practical skill which will open doors to vibrant, varied careers.

The entire training staff’s mission, as well as that of the management of the college, is to train each student for “Making excellence a profession”

Many of our graduates have gone on to achieve incredible things. You could be next.

We are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with the Global Nepalese Chef Federation GNCF, Chefs Association of Nepal CAN and a high-growth digital payment partner KHALTI. This exciting, talent development partnership will enable students to benefit from the quality of training \education, exposure, and in the field of motivation. Our students and parents can pay via KHALTI digital wallet from anywhere. Learn more: https://ihmcollege.edu.np


Satdobato, Lalitpur


CTEVT -approved tracks.


Certificate Level 1, Level 2 in culinary arts and Short-term courses


Diverse industry experience represented in faculty who are chefs, nutritionists, sommeliers, hospitality managers, and researchers.


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Legendary chefs, Educator, Researcher and experts

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Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management

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Council for Vocational Training and Education Training (CTEVT), Government of Nepal



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Khir Khane Din ( Sawan 15 ) – खिर खाने दिनको हार्दिक शुभकामना।

Nepal is very rich ( Rice Pudding ) in Cultural diversity and gastronomy . Nepalese celebrate hundreds of festival through out the year according Nepalese calendar.

Among different festivals in Nepal, this Kheer Khane Din is also one of those festivals where the family and the relatives unite and reunites to share the joy and happiness of being into a family.

Among all the meaning full festival , Sawan 15 ( Khir Khane Din ) is one of the most celebrated festival comes in 15th sawan in Nepalese Calendar BS .  “Khir ” is a common, yet an auspicious delicacy in Nepali cuisine.

Khir is one of the integral parts of parties and ceremonies in authentic way . From marriage parties to funeral, khir is served and eaten to observe the occasion. Khir is regarded as pure food in Nepal, as it is rice cooked in milk. It is mainly eaten as desert or side dish with puri or sel.

The Nepali month of Asadh and Shrawan marks the rice harvesting period for the farmers. Paddy farming in Nepal is a joyous occasion in Nepal. Since, Shrawan marks the end of the harvest period, they offer Kheer as Prasad (holy offering) to the deities and enjoy themselves as well.

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The Constructive Artist : Chef Indra Pd. Upreti


Chef Indra Prasad Upreti , One of the finest Pastry Chef from Nepal , who has long work experience , as a pastry executive in world renounced hotel such like Marriott International .

He has been in Nepal since couple of year , working in one of the top most reputed hotel, Located in Kathmandu, Nepal .

He is also associated  to, Nepal Top Ranked Vocational College , located in Satdobato, Lalitpur i.e IHM College ( Where chefs are Born )


Culinary Arts Certified Course for Level I \ II

IHM College has announces admission open  for world recognized placement based Culinary arts and Hotel Management Certified course for 6 Months and 1 year program .

IHM College has been marked TOP Ranked  World class vocational and training course  for job placement in locally and globally.



Hotel Management Diploma \ Culinary Arts – 6 Months \1Y

IHM College , the trade mark , made by the pride of our culinary graduates who has successfully completed culinary arts course and got an overseas opportunities in Europe and Middle east. We are committed to assure world standards training, global recognized certification and job placement assist locally globally . our 100s of graduates has been working in senior position in kitchen depart and middle level managerial in world renowned hotels , air catering and fining across the world .


IHM always been focused and committed to delivering the best quality of training to make every trainee trained and certified for the world of hospitality.

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