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Chef Bishnu Magar is next executive Chef in Marriott Hotel !

Chef Bishnu Magar is newly appointed as an executive role in Nepal’s award wining hotel , Kathmandu Marriott Hotel, Kathmandu yesterday .

We would like congratulate him all the best of luck for your amazing journey to Marriott in Nepal . Marriott has been linked with him since almost 2 years to be appointed as an executive role .

He had worked in Marriott hotel in China . Chef Magar in an entrepreneur in hospitality business , He is the owner of   Namanta hospitality , kathmandu .


When Job Done ! Big Smiles On !!

IHM Graduates of Culinary Arts are highly appreciated by industrial leader during the internship and Casual exposure in leading 5 stars hotel all over Nepal and overseas .

As you all Know, IHM College is expertise for culinary arts and Production in next level world of hospitality. It serves unbeatable certified course in unbelievable fees program .

Here we, share some worthy remarks form industrial leader ! 

Some of our Next tomorrows’ chef have been working as a trainee in Nepal’s leading Hotel, The Soaltee Kathmandu ,, Executive chef of Soaltee , chef Yubaraj Pokhrel said ” Your students are found really hardworking and dedicated ”

Similarity, Sous Chef of Hyatt Regency ,  Chef Bhanubhakta Aryal has said ” i can’t stopped myself to share this my experience with your students , i found they are out of the imagination ”
Like wise , Corporate chef of Siddhartha Business group of Hospitaliity, Chef L.B Kausal has said ‘ we are really really happy and appreciate your team work to dig out best next tomorrows chef for Nation and world of hospitality ”

similarly , Mr. Roopesh Shrestha , L & D Director of Kathmandu Marriott Hotel- The top leading luxury hotel of Nepal , has said ” honestly i must say – your students are in next level ”

Ms. Prashanna Tamang , graduates of IHM, became the first ever best trainee of  Marriott hotel form Kitchen Department . Even now day. many number of graduates are working as an intern at this hotel .

If you are +2 freshers, pass out, drop out or even you just pass SEE or SLC , you are highly invited to visit our college at satdobato, Lalitpur ( , or follow us on social media at ihmcollege

call us on 015530855\9801101210


Yes it is ” 100 % ” NSTB ( Level- I )

We are very proud to share this good news of our next tomorrows’ chef , who have got 100 % result in CYEVT\NSTB Level 1 Skills test examination , held in last month .

13 graduates of Culinary arts and Food Production from IHM College had participated in Skills test exam which was held in Banepa politecnical, Banepa, Nepal and all of them got 100 % result .

IHM College ( Where chefs are Bormn ) would like to give them big congratulation for their outstanding records and for their first step of Culinary world. All of them were already in VISA Process in world reputed hotels and air catering globally .

If you are +2 Freshers, Back, or Just SEE passout , you can earn culinary degree and get world certification with 100 % Job Placement Support , Assisted by IHM College, Satdobato, Nepal .


Plz feel free to visit our college at Satdobato, or visit our social media @ihmcollege or call us on +977 9801101210


The College ! away from Home

On top ranked vocational college of culinary arts in Nepal, IHM College – College of International Hotel Management has its charm and reputation for excellence of world standard training and outstanding placement assist globally.

The College has marked for modern approach of culinary arts and hospitality training, where you will open all the exciting opportunities of hospitality career around the globe.

Training and learning session in IHM College is completely different and exciting than old school teaching methods. Our training is based in sharing method. We share the experiences and shape the ideas and knowledge, connecting with student. It may sound odd, but we say that, “We share rather than we teach”. Our training method is slightly differ, here student research on their own, visit markets and we discuss on research data and develop the findings.

IHM College is the pioneer and trend setter team with culinary institution for promoting Taste of Nepalese Food, Nepalese Chefs and Nepalese Products locally and globally initiation with all the stake holders of hotel, hospitality and tourism fraternity.

The College collectively has worked with Nepal government, Chefs association, Hotel Association of Nepal, REBAN, Tourism Board and professionals that has been highly marked & filed some historical moves to your professionalism.


“Wish me Good Luck ” Said Materchef Santosh Shah

BBC Masterchef Uk Professionals 2020, Chef Santosh shah is going to participate in BBC Master chef this year too .  According to Chef Shah, he will be joining along with four finalist in BBC Masterchef Remath which will be aired during the Christmas Week 2021 .

In his social media accounts , he posted a video massage said ” Wish me GoodLuck ” . This year he is planning to some delicacy of Tarai belt , specially Mithila province .


Hotel’s Menu, Nepalese Food and VVIP Guest !

The most emerging questions and parallelly not answered  in Nepalese Chef Fraternity these days is ” why star hotels are not serving Nepalese Food to their VVIP guest while head of the state or president came to Nepal . And why there is no Nepalese food in Menu that is set to VVIP’s by hotels ?

Nepalese food is very rich with its ethnicity, culture and religious value. As we all know, Nepal is a country with many culture and religion living together supporting each other beliefs, which makes the different culture and cuisine blend together and form a amazingly diversified Taste of Nepal.

Many chefs’ organization are working their best to develop the Nepalese food value and Promote Nepalese food in the world’s map. Chefs are working to develop the standard menu (SOP) from their level. Some Nepalese Chefs working in aboard are also influenced and approaching to promote Nepalese cuisine in their workplace.

Chef Santosh Shah has presented the Nepalese cuisine in a MasterChef Professional UK 2020 and proved that Nepalese taste can also be served in a fine dining table if we modernized its plating and presentation. Judges in the show had always praised Chef Shah for his Nepalese food presentation and encouraged him for presenting the Taste of Nepal.

Nepalese people are well known in the world as “Gorkhas”, a brave warier of all time. It was believed that, if Gorkhas’ are supporting your battle field then you are certainly a winner. While saying this, does anyone linked this with food value? Yes, to be physically strong, the most important part is food habit. So, there is no doubt that Nepalese food has a immense value nutritionally as well.

The major question is why we are lacking to serve Nepalese food in star hotels of Nepal then?

Are our Chefs not capable of serving Nepalese food?

Or there is no demand in market?

So what’s the real situation here?

Searching about these questions, today we approach to Chef Yuba Raj Pokharel, Executive Chef of Soaltee Hotel. One of the most disciplined, decent, humble and hardworking executive in Nepalese Chef society. He has served many people in his career including the VIP, VVIP’s and International government authorities.

According to Chef Pokharel, Nepalese food should be well defined and the authentic value should remain with ingredients, flavor and taste. Proper research should be done and standard should be develop before serving to plate. A chef is a scientist, artist, manager, engineer and a nutritionist too. But to find the ethnicity, we must visit to remote areas where there is no access of transportation. Only in those places we will find the real Nepalese flavor and taste, because those places don’t have the influence of international ingredients. And to develop the recipe, there must be a team of Chef, Food Scientist, Geologist and a support from government level.

He has also discussed some of his mix experiences while serving to state level guests Like Prime Minister Narendra Modi ,Sheikh Hasina , Prime Minister of Bangladesh and others . He pointed that there is no any problem to serve Nepalese food in a authentic or modern way, if menus work according to the plan of chef. But things get wrong when there is middle person finalizing the menu, who are assigned to  arrange those food and logistic by Nepal government , who interferes in role and responsibility of chef and their menu planning and wanted to add their own without knowing the food value and sequence. That’s where the loophole arise and food cannot be served in a well mannered. In a gist, Nepalese food is not being able to serve in VVIPs table.

Written by Chef Bikash Dangol – Mentor @ IHM