Chef Adam and Karen Visit of Nepal

Chef Pashupati Poudel , Head – culinary depart of IHM College greats two legend chef , chef Adam kirk Moore – chefs Association certified Executive Chef ( CEC) and Chef Karen Mary Doyle , president of the Australian Culinary Federation NSW during the visit to Nepal for International Culinary Training and Development Program organized by Chef Association of Nepal – CAN in association with NTB, DFTQC, and many other organization .


Patience and Hope leads to success

Roshan Koyee Rai  is from the district of HIMALAYA and full of Natural Beauty KHOTANG completed his higher education from his home place. After the completion of his +2 he came to Kathmandu for better career and in search of further study. He knew when he was roaming around the Kathmandu City,  ”When i see the big banner with beautiful pictures and heavy discount offers i at the moment decided to join the IHM College.

After visiting the college i was excited to know the detail information. I got a proper counselling when i was clueless regarding what to do next. Here i found my interest met with the college’s goal. IHM team provides guidence and care at its best though i do have bitter experience of punishment while not performing my task. After completion of my course i went Dubai at first.

I stayed there for around 6 months but due to my health issue i return back to Nepal. when i came i was afraid if college will help me or not but i got very positive response regarding my wish to go foreign again. And after my recovery i apply for the visa process to Saudi and was successful.

I would like to thanks entire IHM team for providing such a platform and their constant support and help for making my career  better. I would recommend anybody to join IHM college and have a bright future back at Nepal or Abroad.



Some choices are life changing

A good education can change anyone, but a good mentor can change everything and I call myself lucky to get such mentors in IHM as a mother nourishes their children IHM ”It Cares” has nourished us.

Our mentors, Sir Pashupati Poudel and Sir Bikram Giri have built a very beautiful and strong foundation for us to start a successful career.

I have learned a lot from IHM in 4 months of duration which is required for a practical food and beverage industry , like basic food hygiene , HACCP which is most important , skills of cooking and ideas of plating and presenting and also many more because of which its been very easy for me in my current work . Its been 9 months since i am working here in Dubai and i am very happy for what i am doing and what i am now just, because of IHM team and all i want is to thank IHM ‘It Cares’ for this because what i am now wasn’t possible without the quality hospitality service that my college provides during my theoretical and practical classes. Thanks to IHM- College Of International Hotel Management and entire team for guiding me through my entire journey.

Nishu Singh Rayamajhi – Dubai


Rise and shine @ IHM

Every Steps we take will lead us to the success. If our foundation is stronger, we can grow strong. And i am very proud and happy that IHM “It Cares” has given me a good base, every basic things we learn, for example washing hand before starting work, though minor it seems but it is the foremost hygiene rule of the kitchen. And i am glad that IHM has given this habit.

I have learned so much in IHM like cutting skills, basic sauces, food hygiene and safety rules, temperature variations has made my job very easy in my starting days. I am very thankful to chef Pashupati Poudel and chef Vikram for making our base very strong. It’s been a year and i can say i am satisfy and what i do, my goal is still far but i am in proces. I learned that to grow we have to move new places, gain new ideas and knowledge. Very Thankful to IHM “It Cares” and all the team of college.

Message from Sanju Rana Magar -Dubai


Shrawan-The month of greenery


IHM College”It cares” successfully completed the mehendi program at college. As all the female students participated where boys enjoyed the art of mehendi by supporting the females of IHM College.  Shrawan is celebrated as the month of greenery. Specially Hindu females celebrate it buy putting green bangles , mehendi and other red attires. They keep fast every Monday  worshiping lord Shiva for whole month. Married women take keep fast for longer life of their husband and unmarried keep fast for getting good husband.


The culture of keeping fast during the month of shrawan is practiced differently in different districts of Nepal. In Terai region of Nepal it is practiced by the male members as well. Those who take fast doesn’t eat meat, oninon, garlic and other non-veg dishes for whole month. At the end of the last week of shrawan they complete the fast by going BOL-BAM where there is main source of water  germination.



Yomari backed the trophy of Third IHM Futsal

As, every year the IHM college “It Cares” held the inter batch futsal tournament, this year as well on Shrawan 17 the tournament was conducted in Dholahiti at Futsal Village. In the final match  Yomari scored 5 goals against Batuk batch and backed the title of IHM Futsal 2019.

There was 4 teams altogether who fight against each other to reach the final. The team played with full of energy and cooperation. Team spirit was outstanding.



Culinary Training with 100% job placement globally

IHM College “It Cares”-College of International Hotel Management, located at Satdobato-Chowk, Opp. Of traffic police Beat is one of the leading and trusted Culinary and Hotel management College for 6 Months/ Cooking and baking training of culinary arts

The College offers world class trainings with real life work experience in association with Chefs Association of Nepal CAN and World Association of Chefs Societies.

Some choice are challenging and life changing. If you are deciding to get admission in IHM College “It cares”, we heartily welcome all the +2 Freshers , Pass out, Drop out or SLC/SEE graduate for this vocational course which explore you globally at a glamours industry of Hospitality and Culinary Arts.