OUZI- EID Special Famous Arabic Lamb Pulau

IHM College’s culinary students has prepared a famous Arabic Lamb pulau, which is specially  have had in Eid festival .

Future chefs has outstandingly plating Ouzi in different plate and platter here at iHM college , Satdobato, Lalitpur, Nepal .


Who is who ? Legendary Chef of Nepal !

There are many chefs , who contributed to unite Nepalese chef fraternity and promoting nepalese food in locally, nationally and globally marked as a legend chef .

Chef pushpa Thapa Magar , one of the most honoured and respectful chef who was also founder president of ever first nepalese chef organization i.e Chef association of Nepal CAN, and Ram krishna Panta who was founder member of chef association established before 2 and half decades ago.

lets unite Nepalese chef globally : one society One voice


Nepalese Gastronomy Chef Competition 2k21

Young female chef from Town Ms Juhi Lochan Shrestha became the winner of Nepalese Gastronomy Chef Competition -NGCC 2k21 held in Kathmandu on 22 march .

The final event that was organized at Aloft Hotel , Kathmandu where she bit all the 8 finalist in plating and presentation judged by the first ever Nepalese BBC Master Chef Santosh Shah ( Runner Up 2020 ) along with General Manager of Aloft Hotel , Mr Vikram Singh .



We are Open Now ! Admission Open


IHM, #no1 Placement Based Hospitality College

IHM College is been widely trusted and Nepal’s Best employment based Culinary arts and hospitality management College, Located in Satdobato, Lalitpur . Our Next Tomorrow’s chef, graduated from IHM College has achieved remarkable journey to job .

Here we present some pride of IHM, who has got an opportunities in world renowned hotels in globally..


Chef Santosh Arrives at Kathmandu Airport Thursday 25th February 2021 at 11:15am 

 For the first time in two years, Nepalese-native Chef Santosh Shah will be visiting Nepal following his success on UK’s Master Chef: The Professionals 2020. Santosh will arrive in Kathmandu Airport at 11:15am and will be greeted by the Nepal Tourism Board; the Global Academy of Tourism & Hospitality Education; and The Voice of Chefs alongside a traditional Nepalese instrumental welcome. Santosh will be a keynote speaker at the Pacific Asia Travel Association’s 44th Annual General Meeting in Kathmandu on 5th March 2021 and will also be honoured with the PATA Personality of the Year Award on the occasion, which Chef is very much looking forward to.

During his two-month long stay, Santosh will be travelling to various places of Nepal, sourcing new ingredients and trying regional dishes as research for his upcoming cookbook. He added, I am very very excited to spend some much-needed quality time with his entire family including his mother.


Five Delicacies Courses of Mithila Cuisine

Mithila, A community which is famous for its arts, culture and music from prehistoric times. And while talking about culture, it is always incomplete without its cuisine. The Mithila community is very rich in cuisine as well. 

Plating, Demonstration and tasting of 5 delicacies courses from Matka chia to paan of traditional cuisine of Mithila community is presented on 6th Jan,2021 at IHM college, Sathdobato, Lalitpur.

With the Dream of promoting and presenting Nepalese ethnic delicacies from every corner of one culture to another nationally and globally, “I am with Chef” started the series Taste of Nepalese Food- The Next Destination. During the festival of Tihar, “I am with chef” organized “sel ko swad”, in Dakshinkali to encourage local food sellers, which was a massive success. 



This time “I am with chef” has organized the another series “5 delicacies courses of Maithili Cuisine”, in associated with IHM College and Hospitality guides Pvt.ltd with the team of expertise Chefs Pashupati Poudel, Mahesh Shah, Satish Mahato and Bikash Dangol. The delicacies include Matka tea, taruwa, bathuwa ko soup, Mithila thali set, ghar ko aap ko achar, aalu chokha and many more.

Honorable guests, Puspa Thapa Magar (Founder President of CAN), Dhirendra Premarsi (Cultural expertise), Ajit Sah (Mithila Painting Artist), R&D Chef Sandeep Khatri’s presence raise the level of the event. Expertise of culture and cuisine have discussed and praised Mr. Surach Prasai, CEO of IHM College that the event will definitely help in revolution of ethnic Maithili Cuisine promotion, modern plating and presentation without losing the value of authenticity. 

Chef Puspa Thapa Magar stated that Maithili cuisine belongs and represents not only Maithili community but also whole Nepalese cuisine and people. 

Cultural Expertise Mr. Premarsi explained that though the Mithila community is rich in arts, music and culture from prehistoric times, the value of cuisine has always dominated.

R&D Chef Sandeep Khatri shared his research about the relationship between Malla and Mithila dynasty with the value of cultures,arts and cuisines.

CEO of IHM College, Mr Prasai tributed the event to Chef Santosh Sah for representing Nepalese cuisine in such a huge platform of Masterchef UK, Professional. And also added the revolutionary quote, “One Person, One Practice”, for promoting Nepalese cuisine.

Mohan Gajurel, General Secretary of GNCF informed that CTEVT has started the practice of teaching Nepalese Cuisine and also requested all academic and vocational institutions to start teaching ethnic cuisine of 128 diversified culture’s cuisine. 

Artist Ajit Sah, Chef Pashupati Poudel, Chef Mahesh Shah, Reporter and Singer Rupa Jha and Reporter Amrendra Yadav gave their opinion in ethnic taste with ethnic & modern plating session.


Yomari, the taste of Nepales Food plated in MasterChef UK

नयाँ धान भित्र्याएको खुशियालीमा नेवार समुदायले आज योमरी पूर्णिमा हर्षोल्लासका साथ मनाउँदैछन्। योमरी पूर्णिमालाई योमरी पुन्हि पनि भनिन्छ। नेवार समुदायको ठूलो चाडका रूपमा मनाइने यस चाडलाई खाद्य पदार्थको रसिलो चाडको रूपमा पनि लिइन्छ। योमरी नयाँ धानबाट बनेको चामलको पीठो, चाकु र तिलबाट बनाइन्छ। योमरी बनाउन आज बिहान सबेरैदेखि घरका महिला व्यस्त हुने गर्छन्। नुहाइधुवाइ र घरमा लिपपोत गरी योमरी पकाउने प्रचलन छ।

यो पर्वलाई नेवार समुदायले पनि नवअन्नप्राशनका रुपमा समेत मनाउने गरेको संस्कृतिविद् तेजेश्वरबाबु ग्वँग बताउँछन्। योमरीमा दूधबाट बनेको खुवा र चाकु तथा तिलसमेत राखेर डल्लो बनाइन्छ। नेवार समुदायले पनि धान राख्ने भकारी वा कोठीमा पनि पूजा आराधना गरेर योमरी पूर्णिमा मनाउँछन्। गर्भवती भएका चेलीबेटीलाई गर्भमै बालकको पूर्ण स्वास्थ्यको कामना गर्दै माइतीबाट उनीहरूको घरमा तिल र चाकु भरिएको योमरी सगुन भनेर उपहार पठाउने चलन पनि छ।

Content by Chef Indra Prasad Upreti_ Pastry Executive @ IHM College

Photo feature


Chef Adam and Karen Visit of Nepal

Chef Pashupati Poudel , Head – culinary depart of IHM College greats two legend chef , chef Adam kirk Moore – chefs Association certified Executive Chef ( CEC) and Chef Karen Mary Doyle , president of the Australian Culinary Federation NSW during the visit to Nepal for International Culinary Training and Development Program organized by Chef Association of Nepal – CAN in association with NTB, DFTQC, and many other organization .