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A New Newari Ethnic Cuisine in Town

An Authentic Newari Restaurant serving Newari Ethnic Cuisine has been inaugurated at Park Village, Budanilkantha, Kathmandu.  The Park Village in collaboration with Sabah Nepal (website: Sristi Joshi Malla), an Newari restaurant will serve Yomari, Chatamari, Samaybaji and lots more an authentic newari foods. A CSR initiative of Park Village to promote the women’s activities of local Gamchha Village of Budhanilkantha. Nepal First Executive Chef Govinda Narsingh K.C and many other renowned distinguish jointly inaugurated the restaurant.


The HERO, backed for Gold Medal

Chef Krishna Kaji Basnet from Godawari, Lalipur has started his culinary career in 1981 from Everest Seraton. He Became Executive Chef of Yak and Yeti Hotel in 2008 for 10 Years. He has given an interview for the Show ‘ Chef Never Retire’ by Chef Vicks .

In Association With IHMCOllege “It cares”- College of International Hotel Management, Satdobatochowk, a Karma Media presentation ‘ Chef Never Retire’ comes in Facebook Live on Every Sunday at 9 am from Top of the World .

To Watch Full Interview with Chef Basnet



Father figure in ‘FATHER’S DAY’

IHMCollege’It cares’- College of International Hotel Management, satdobatochowk Lalitpur has celebrated ‘FATHER’S DAY’  with most senior two legend Chefs of Nepalese Culinary.  Culinary students and entire family of college has celebrated father’s day with the Father figure of Chefs, Chef Govinda Narsingh KC and Ganesh Shrestha at College, satdobatochowk. On this auspicious occasion of culinary freshers were blessed by legend chefs .

Chef Govinda Narsingh KC, adviser of IHMCollege’It cares’ is the first executive chef of Nepal-2005 ( awarded in 2005 ) . He had worked under 18 different chefs during his 31 Years career in Soaltee Hotel, Kathamdndu. Letter on, he became the executive chef of Hotel Annapurna and Everest Hotel. He is the only one chef who became executive chef in 3 different 5 star Hotel. Likewise, Chef Ganesh shrestha is the top figure of culinary tourism in Nepal . He worked in Soaltee Hotel’s opening team in 1960s and went to UK, London before 46 Years ago . He became number one chef in 1997 and awarded by the prestigious awarded which was only given to non European chefs .


Medal’s Door is open : Jana Sewa Shree Chef Shrestha

JanaSewa Shree Awarded Chef Ganesh Shrestha said,” his medal awarded by the government of Nepal is a symbol of appreciation to all the Nepalese chef working around the globe”. On 19th Bhadra, 2075, the president of Nepal Mrs Bidya Devi Bhandari has awarded JanaSewa Shree Padak to legend chef Ganesh Shrestha who  has been working since 50 Years as a chef in Culinary tourism.

CHEF Ganesh Shrestha_top chef _1997

Talking on the very popular show’ Chef Never Retire’ chef Shrestha said after 14 years, the door is open by government recognition for contribution of chefs in promoting national identity in next level by promoting heritage foods locally and globally and their artistic skills of cooking . Since 20 Years , he has been fighting for medal and finally he got Janasewa Shree. He also added that,”Once i was offered Medal by money but i denied he said”.

Another legend of Nepalese fraternity, Gorkha Dakchhinbahu awarded chef Govinda Narsingh KC said , chef shrestha is truly deserving candidate for Janasewa shree Padak and insist more chefs to come and they should explore themselves with full of trust and documentation for their state level recognition.

The show “Chef Never Retire” host by IHM College “It Cares”comes live on Facebook on every sunday at 9 am .


Senior chefs said “Need action plan to promote heritage cuisine”

Chef Shreeram Adikari talking with Adviser of Chef Association of Nepal, Chef Govinda Narsingh KC

Nepal’s most senior chefs says government and concern all stake holders should come in same umbrella for promoting Heritage cuisine locally and globally. They said that not even us but most of the foreigners they also like Nepali heritage food . Specking in the Show ‘ chef never retire’, the first executive chef of Nepal Govinda Narsing KC says if we promote our heritage food in different ways it would help to promote National identity . Government, Tourism Board, Hotel association , Chef association and other stake holders should jointly work together for making action plan and its implementation he said .

Senior chef and founder president of Chef Association of Nepal Puspa Thapa Magar says first secular and yearly calendar body has to form to make action plan for food promotion and concern organization equally be responsible with result basis  . He insists that lack of the documents and documentation of campaigns , we do not show our past records and verities of Nepali cuisine to rest of the worlds .

The program facilitated by Chef Vicks, another speaker , president of Chefs association , Shree ram Adhikari said that Chefs association is planing to promote our heritage food by organizing different programs  in China, India, other country of South Asia, East Asia and in Europe as well . Only expert chefs who has been working in particular menu of Nepali heritage food will be given an opportunity to participate he said.

The Live show ‘ Chef Never Retire ‘ and ‘ i am with chef ‘ is aired every sunday at 9 am . This program is produced my Karma Media in association with IHMCollege’ it cares’ – College of International Hotel Management , satdobatochowk.

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IHMCollege_IHMCollege’It cares’ – College of International Hotel Management , Satdobatochowk, Lalitpur congratulate and wishing best of luck  to Dr. Sanjay Jamwal as he was hired by the management team of  Platinum Hotel , Kathmandu as a General Manager .

College’s CEO Mr. Surach Prasai and Mentor of culinary and Kitchen Depart Mr Bikram Vicks has congratulated to Dr Chef Jamwal for his out standing performance ahead by Bukki and Khada in Hotel Platinum, Soaltee Mood, Kathmandu, Nepal . He was appointed by CG before.


‘Egon Ronay’ winning Chef Shrestha Awarded by JANA SEWA SHREE

IHMCollege- Nepal Government has awarded to One of the most senior legend chef Mr Ganesh Shrestha for his contribution in Nepali culinary tourism . This is the second time that any chef has been awarded by civilian award for their long contribution in the field of hotel, hospitality and culinary tourism. In 2004, The first executive Chef Mr. Govinda Narsingh K C was awarded by Gorkha Dakchinbahu .  Chef Govinda Narsingh KC ( Chief Adviser of IHMCollege’ It Cares’ had  worked in Soaltee for 31 years under 18 different foreign executive chef and letter on he became the first executive chef in Jan. 2004, and director of LSG Sky Chef as well.

Legend chef Shrestha has been promoting Nepali Heritage Cuisine, and the pride of motherland in London, UK since 46 years .  He won the ‘Egon Ronay chef of the year(1997) award, the highest honor available to a non European chef in Europe. This is the first time that a Nepali chef has won one of the world’s most prestigious awards. The honor also make him the best chef to Indian cuisine in Europe.

The compensation, uprooted now had mostly been won by Chef’s from Thailand. He added another feather to his career. He was declared the (1997) British Airways Finest Chef in the world. His winning speciality was lamb Rogan Josh.


CHEF Ganesh Shrestha_top chef _1997