Quality Education That Change My Life-Nishu Singh Rayamajhi

Quality Education That Change My Life-Nishu Singh Rayamajhi

A good education can change anyone , but a good mentor can change everything and i call myself lucky to get such mentors in IHM as mother nourishes their children IHM ”It Cares” has nourished us. Our mentors, Sir Pashupati Poudel and Sir Bikram Giri have built a very beautiful and strong foundation for us to start a successful career.

I have learned a lot from IHM in 4 months of duration which is required for a practical food and beverage industry , like basic food hygiene , HACCP which is most important , skills of cooking and ideas of plating and presenting and also many more because of which its been very easy for me in my current work . Its been 9 months since i am working here in Dubai and i am very happy for what i am doing and what i am now just, because of IHM team and all i want is to thank IHM ‘It Cares’ for this because what i am now wasn’t possible without the quality hospitality service that my college provides during my theoretical and practical classes. Thanks to IHM- College Of International Hotel Management and entire team for guiding me through my entire journey.

Nishu Singh Rayamajhi – Dubai

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