Hospitality Bond with Siddhartha Business Group

Hospitality Bond with Siddhartha Business Group

Hospitality business has always been a service oriented business working hand on hand with different sectors.

Siddhartha Business Group of Hospitality has been marked as trademark brand of Nepalese hotelier and hospitality business, service delivering from 24 different hotels all over Nepal. It is one of the biggest chain hotel of Nepal so far.

IHM College has been a trend setter for the standard in delivering culinary experiences. It has raise the benchmark of quality standard outcome. Next tomorrow’s chef, who are graduated from IHM College are in a reputed companies today, working efficiently as a different level chefs globally.

To polish the behavior, nature and personality of next tomorrows chef, they require a internship facilities. Hence we are here again signing a agreement paper with Siddhartha Business Group of Hospitality. This bonding is going to fulfill the hospitality requirement all over the Nepal.

Working together will definitely fulfill each others requirement in coming days.

We are honored to work with Siddhartha Hospitality team. We are definitely going to tide the chain of bonding more stronger. We believe that to walk a long road there should be a bond between similar visions and ethics. Hence, we are.

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