Teaching VS Sharing

Teaching VS Sharing

When we hear other speaking, we get to know only what that speaker has planned and  projected in his mind. But when we discuss, we are brain storming different ideas OR same idea in different perception.

I remember my school days, when we were very eager for SLC (final exam of school) preparation. We wanted to learn quick and cover all the topics in a final moment. We were taking extra classes in morning time before regular classes start. And also evening tuition after school. We were so much devoted in classes that there was no time to think about any other activities. There is no doubt that we have the best teachers in schools and tuition from whom we have gained enormous knowledge. But also the best part was we learned better, when we (Friends) sit together, discuss and share our knowledges. later on, I keep practicing this concept and found that this thing really works.

I Believe that no idea is great and worse, until and unless the idea is logical. Best idea is just a better execution with time and situation. Every idea should be exposed in a different mindset to form a project.

Here in IHM, we share ideas, experiences and knowledges. Student are assigned a topic to research and different ideas are collected and shared, which diversify the topic with 360 degree approach. Student may forget what they are taught and have written in notebook but they will never forget what they have researched.


IHM College is specialized in Culinary arts as it says where chefs are born. IHM is a big family whose graduates are working as a chef in different hotels, restaurants and companies all around the globe. Specialized mentors are sharing their knowledge, ideas and expertise with proper guidance. We do have HOD ( Chef Pashupati Poudel), Bakery and Patisserie Chef Indra Prasad Upreti (Bakery and patisserie head #Soaltee Hotel), Chef Khagendra Pandey ( Bakery and Patisserie head #Radisson Hotel), Chef Krishna Bhandari (Hardrock Cafe), Chef Sanjog Shrestha (Japanese Cuisine, Vivanta Hotel),

Photos during Sushi classes.


Chef Bhavi Khanal(Executive sous chef, #Baros Maldives)


written by:

Chef Bikash Dangol (Mentor, IHM College)


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