Culinary Arts ( General Cook ) – Level I

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The Global certification and recognition from IHM will stamp as best performer and multi dynamic graduate on your resume. Our wide connectivity with hotel and hospitality professionals, recruitment agencies and hoteliers will facilitate you to grab the best career opportunities in global industries.

Our all proven track record of locally – globally job placement, exposure, Internship and OJT will open all the doors of your career in international hospitality industry.

The IHM College program is available to anyone, no matter what background or current skill set, covering the basics of culinary professionalism, food service operations, culinary theory, food hygiene and sanitation, basic cooking and culinary nutrition. As a first step to a culinary career, aspiring Chefs, you can apply after your school or +2

More aspiring chefs across the Nepal are boosting their training, culinary skills and employment opportunities by joining the IHM

It is a solid and comprehensive base to learn the basics before entering a professional kitchen,” said Mr. Pashupati Poudel , HOD , Kitchen Depart of IHM

You can apply via or also can apply . In as little as six months or for level 2 for eight months , young people can receive a Pre-Commis Chef certificate – so be ready to apply for your first job in a professional kitchen.

As part of the course, they learn culinary professionalism, proper food handling, how to dress and understand all the classic culinary terms. The more young people learn, the better they become and the more things they can do. Even the greatest chefs in a Michelin star restaurant and some legend chef from our own fraternity of Nepalese culinary industry started with some basic training as we said.

Apply from anywhere!

IHM College provides one accessible way to engage those who don’t have the means, mobility or flexibility to attend full-time culinary school or undertake an apprenticeship. IHM has created virtual learning and online classes for those target groups.

Those who have got completion of course and willing to get job placement , IHM provides career opportunities assist in local, national and global levels .b

Get connect : Admission is available to anyone who is interested, willing to learn, and able to spend the time.