Professional Cook – Certificate Level II ( 1696 hrs )

Professional Cook -1696 Hrs – Certificate Level II , The Course collaboration with Non Profit Organization of Nepalese Chefs around Globe , I.e GNCF – Global Nepalese Chefs Federation \ Nepal – Affiliated from CTEVT, Nepal Government.

If you are +2 running or pass out and looking to find a better career, this 10 months culinary  (Professional cooks-1696 hrs) course definitely will help you to meet your career goal in a dynamic way as college has delivered strong culture of hospitality that uplifts your overall grooming and growth.

IHM College’s Vocation education and Training model makes students personally and professionally grow, by fusing practice with academics.

Delivered at IHM College, a unique technical collaboration with the Global Nepalese Chef Federation GNCF. This 1696 hrs course, Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training CTEVT approved to GNCF covers theory and practices in international standards.