Admission मै VISA को 100 % JOB PLacement

#Unbelievable Standard @ Unbeatable fees 

IHMCollege, ‘it cares’ is committed to assure 100 % JOB PLACEMENT to all culinary graduates in STAR HOTEL, AIR CATERING , FINE DINING and HOTEL , RESTAURANT AND RESORT Managed by reputed GROUP OF COMPANY in DUBAI-GLOBALLY . Students will have an opportunity to choose an INTERNSHIP program locally or globally in STAR HOTEL and credit transfer program for eligible candidates in different parts of the worlds.

Once chef Narahari Adihikari said  ‘ If you want to be great chef marry your kitchen’ . Success comes to those, who works hard with dedication, passion, positive attitudes and discipline. Since 7 years IHMCollege and the team has recruited over 500 graduates in world reknown hotels and air catering  in DUBAI-GLOBALLY.

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