IHM College offers up to 100 % scholarship package for the course we have offered Pre Commis chef program.  All the graduates of SEE, +2 and drop out, or abroad returnee can apply for this exciting hospitality course.

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Inquire Now  || 6 Months or 1 Year Vocational course for Culinary and Hotel management – Designed to +2 Graduates or age above 18.

Culinary Arts and Hospitality Courses offered at IHM College

Pre Commis Chef Program    :-   “Come as a student, become a CHEF”
  • 6 Months Culinary Arts (Commercial Cookery \Bakery) – 792 Hrs.  – Level 1
  • Customized and Crash \ Special Course (COOK) – Level 1
  • Experts designed F & B Service and Bakery\Pastry
  • 10 Months Culinary Arts Course (Professional Cooks – 1696 hrs. – Level II

Professional Cook -1696 Hrs. – Level 2 Certificate

The Course approved to  Global Nepalese Chef Federation GNCF, Technical Collaboration with IHM College .

If you are +2 running or pass out and looking to find a better career, this 10 months culinary  (Professional cooks-1696 hrs.) course definitely will help you to meet your career goal in a dynamic way as college has delivered strong culture of hospitality that uplifts your overall grooming and growth.

6 Months Culinary Arts Course (Cookery & Bakery –792 Hrs. – Level 1

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The Global certification and recognition from IHM will stamp as best performer and multi dynamic graduate on your resume. Our wide connectivity with hotel and hospitality professionals, recruitment agencies and hoteliers will facilitate you to grab the best career opportunities in global industries. Our all proven track record of locally – globally job placement, exposure, Internship and OJT will open all the doors of your career in international hospitality industry.

Job Placement Assist Locally-Globally – Find the Best job without boarder

Whether you are looking to learn a new skill, to achieve a certification for recognizing your skills , experience and for uplifting your skilling or to start a new business, Our expert’s designed training courses will lead you to your first step career in hotel, hospitality industry locally- globally


Not all jobs are equal. Some are where you explore the world while you progress in your career. This is one of the many reasons why you choose to be  Pre Commis chef (Culinary Arts)

Act fast and get up to 100 % Scholarship opportunities in any of our courses!

 The college LIKE your HOME, Chefs are like your MOM

Any of our course is designed by industrial experts and chefs to assure and meet your expectation for quality of training and placement assist.

A distinctive aspect of the college is that we do not only teach you books of recipes but make you understood food, culture and anything on trends.

Our graduates can be found in various world-renowned chain hotels, air catering and fine dining in senior positions. Their success shows that to reach the top it needs to start from the top! i.e IHM College | Where chefs are Born ! You could be next.

Unbeatable Standard at Unbelievable Fees – Scholarship 100 % guarantee

IHM College offers up to 100 % scholarship package for the course we have offered Pre Commis chef program.  All the graduates of SEE, +2 and drop out, or abroad returnee can apply for this exciting hospitality course.

A widely Trusted Placement Based College:

IHM College, has been mentored by truly legend chef and industrial experts of our fraternity who has long experience and overseas exposer in global hospitality industry. IHM is one and only culinary expertise institution delivering world class standards. We have maintained very good relation, link up and reputation with all the leading recruiters, overseas and professionals.

Globally Recognized Certification

The certification and recognition of CTEVT Nepal, is eligible and valid in 192 Nation of world.  The IHM College is affiliated with the Board of CTEVT and has made our graduates to participate and differently conduct CTEVT \ NSTB authorized Skills test Examinations. IHM is associated with leading chef’s institutions and professional organization Like FP-TEN.

Choose an Endless \ Boundless Opportunities –Find the job without boarder in the global hospitality

The culinary career is marked as job without border. If you are skilled, certified, passionate to learn, take the risk and there is no doubt on finding the better placement and career in any corner of world.  If you are school or college dropout, it doesn’t mean, you are failure, right decision in right time will bring all the success in your life. World famous Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay ( British ) is one of the role model who drops school, but later on became the world’s top celebrity chef and has won highest number of Michelin Stars ( awarded 16 Michelin Stars )

Transforming Culture and Cuisine

The beauty of our society is its diversity of culture and varieties of food. If you do not relate particular food with culture, the study of culinary arts (Cooking) will remain incomplete and almost meaningless. The Leading Culinary expertise, IHM always focused their teaching \ learning and in all the time of practical, blending to culture and cuisine. We have been organizing special events for varieties of Nepalese Food to explore its richness and greatness in a world.

Delivering Strong culture of Hospitality

Our course is designed by experts from fraternity where they include their experience and skills they learned from decade long culinary professionalism. Admissions are given to new culinary students, who are passionate, hardworking, dedicated and willing to find their career in hotel industry.

As we said “the College like your HOME” Yes! But with all the professional manner of hospitality grooming and attitudes. IHM is trusted name for ‘culture of care’ by every parents and well-wishers.