Student Support Service- SSS

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#Student Support Service

IHM College ‘ It cares’ has been preparing students for this dynamic hotel, hospitality, and tourism industry with a focus on smart leadership leads to management. IHMCollege provides internship for live work experience in Star hotel, Air catering locally and globally to all the graduates of Culinary Arts and Hotel management. On the basis of ‘Real Live Work Experience’ within a training period and after the completion, of course, it makes students more confident, Committed and Skilled.

IHMCollege “It Cares” provides 100% JOB assistance during the course period or after completion of the dedicated courses to deserving and interest students in reputed Chain Star Hotel, Resort and Find Dining locally and globally with the agencies’s collaboration.

These all counseling, orientation, documentation, and further other services will be delivered by IHM- Student Support Service-SSS

Counseling to youngster\ beginners is very necessary to make them disciplined, have some positive attitudes and make a professional person with positive attitude.

If somebody doesn’t have positive things, creativity and well disciplined they could not be good hospitality leaders, could not be good chef or could not be good managers. So beside the vocational training and providing them job placement, IHM College does individual, group or family counseling/orientation in all the sectors that is beneficial to the students/ individuals in a proper way. We believe in connecting  with parents in every steps so that all the obstacles can be solved with the joint conscience of students, parents and management team. We value all the person related to meet the future goals of students.

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