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A day in a decade awaits : Taste of Nepalese Food


“आउने ५ बर्षमा यहा ५० जना सन्तोश साह जन्मिनेछन ” Chef Santosh Shah


Chef Shah Receives a Grand Welcome in TIA

BBC MasterUK professionals 2020 Runner UP chef Santosh Shah receives grand welcome in TIA this 25th Feb 2021 here at Kathmandu Nepal .
Chef Santosh made history by becoming the first ever Nepali to reach the finale of MasterChef Uk 2020, and was declared the runner-up.
Penguin Books will be Publishing his book in 5 different languages, and he plans to travel to different parts of Nepal for research.

Chef Santosh was greeted by 100s of well-wishers including several Nepali chefs and students from IHM College and executive members of i am with chef and members from different chef’s Organization.

Students of IHM college were present with Nepali flags welcoming Chef Santosh, Bikram Dangol (IHM College) told Nepalisite. Despite having worked in India for 10 years learning and moving up in the food business, he did not compete in MasterChef Uk 2020 as an Indian Chef and introduce Indian foods in the contest. He could easily have done that and even increase his chances to win because Indian is a lucrative market for any international business. Instead, he showcased variety of Nepali dishes and wowed the judges and won the hearts of many.


ihm college & i am with chef welcomes to Chef Shah

Kathmandu, March 5: Popular chef Santosh Shah has made Nepal proud through his hard work and perseveration. Recently shah finished first runner-up in the BBC Television competitive cooking show, Master Chef: The Professionals, which has helped Nepal known to the world.

Following this achievement, Shah known as ‘king of cooking’ has garnered popularity not only in Nepal but also across the world. Congratulatory messages were pouring in for him.

Shah has heightened image of Nepal to the world by providing the country’s indigenous dishes to the globe. “There is no difficulty to get success in the world. Just hard work is needed. I have made a plan to promote Nepal’s typical dishes across the world,” shared an elated Shah, who today landed in Nepal following this achievement.

He was talking to media-persons at Tribhuvan International Airport shortly after landing here from the UK. Operating a restaurant each in the UK and Nepal is his recent plan on the table. “Hard work is a secret of my success. We try to be happy with whatever we have.”

Obviously, he went through a journey of struggle to reach this situation. I did struggle a lot in my life. “I used to sell plastic bags and bread at a point in time. Now I am happy with whatever achievement I have got,” he shared.

He said that he arrived Nepal to learn more from Nepali chefs as he started to prepare Nepali food only from two years ago.
Shah said, “Our food habit is not so hygienic. I want to request all to have warm food and only drink bottle water.”

I had never expected that I, an ordinary Nepali, could get such big success. There is no recognition to chef and food in the country. He started journey of struggle with an objective of doing something in this sector, added Shah.

He opined, “Though I worked in India for 10 years as chef, now I got success as I had thought doing something for the recognition of Nepali food and Nepal.”

“Now, there will be quality in Nepali food and the country can also make income by publishing the indigenous Nepali dishes,” he opined.
Shah is publishing a book ‘Cook Book’ in five languages. He said that he arrived in Nepal for the activities related to the book publication. A world-wide roadmap of food has been prepared and the campaign would be started from London, he said.

“There is no chef culture in Nepal but it is possible,” the king of cooking, Shah hoped.

Shah, who arrived in Nepal at the initiative and facilitation of the Pacific Asia Travel association (PATA) Nepal Chapter, will be in the country for about a month. He will be the key-note speaker in the 44th annual general meeting of PATA.

Shah will also participate in the programs to be organized by other tourism organizations including Nepal tourism Board (NTB).

Photo : Ratopati.com
– Sourse: Rising Nepal daily


Chef Santosh Shah, Journey to Masterchef UK

आगामी 10th November रातको ९ बजे BBC one बाट MasterChefUK,Professional को १७ औँ सस्करण सुरु हुदै गर्दा नेपाली सेफ जगतले एउटा एैतिहासिक घडिको साक्छि हुने स्वणिम युगको पर्दा उघार्ने छ । बेलायतलाइ कर्म थलो बनाएका नेेपाली सेफ सन्तोस शाह , उपाधिमा कडा दाबेदारि सहित प्रतियोगिको रुपमा सहभागि हुनु हुनेछ ।
नेपाली खाना लिएर यति बिशाल दर्शक माझ प्रस्तुत हुदै गर्दा सेफ सन्तोश शाह र उहाको बिलक्छ्यण प्रतिभा तथा उच्च ब्यवासाहिक ख्यातिले बिश्वभर छरिएका करोडौँ नेपाली मनहरुमा उत्साहको मिठो सञ्चार गर्नेछ अनि चौडिने छ गर्वले नेपालीको छाति ! वाह् कस्तो हुनेछ त्यो दिन , त्यो पला र घडि !
टेलिभिजन इतिहासमै दुइ पटकसम्म तेस्रो स्थानमा रहदै सबै भन्दा धेरै दर्शकले रुचाएको ( MasterChef Austrelia ) फेन्चाइच सो MasterChef UK professional मा नेपाली मौलीक खानाले बिश्वलाइ ध्यान खिच्दै लेख्नेछ ! Lyric & Style of Nepalese Cuisine र Ultimate richness of Nepalese heritage food .
यो अवसरनै प्रतियोगिता जिते समान हो , तपाइको यात्रा जहासम्म उक्लिन्छ त्यो अमिट ऐतिहासिक हुनेछ । इतिहासमा दर्ज हुनेछ । त्यसमा पनि १६ औ सस्करण सम्म आइपुक्दा कुनैपनि ऐसियनले त्यसअघिको यात्रा तय गर्न नसकेको इतिहास तोड्न सेफ सन्तोश साह सफल हुनु हुनेछ र सुभआशिस सहित १६ औँ सस्करण २०२० का बिजेता Thomas Frake- 32 सग साक्छ्यात भएको दुर्लभ दृष्य हेर्ने अबसर मिल्नेछ । उहालाई सम्पुण Fraternity कै तर्फबाट बिशाल आकासको भार जति शुभकामना ???
I am with Chef ले यो एतिहासिक घडिलाई बिशेस रुपमा प्रस्तुत गर्ने जमर्को लिएको छ ।
– “म रोएको त्यो दिन देश रुनेछ र खुसीको आशुले आशिरबाद दिनेछ ” – सेफ सन्तोस शाह