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IHM College , the trade mark , made by the pride of our culinary graduates who has successfully completed culinary arts course and got an overseas opportunities in Europe and Middle east. We are committed to assure world standards training, global recognized certification and job placement assist locally globally . our 100s of graduates has been working in senior position in kitchen depart and middle level managerial in world renowned hotels , air catering and fining across the world .


Chef with Celebs – Chef Mahesh Shah

Chef Mahesh Shah is very famous for indigenous food promoter . He has been continuously participated in cooking and presentation for mithila cuisine . He was very first introduced by IHM College , the event ” five course of mithila cuisine’ organized at ihm college .

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Senior chefs said “Need action plan to promote heritage cuisine”

Chef Shreeram Adikari talking with Adviser of Chef Association of Nepal, Chef Govinda Narsingh KC

Nepal’s most senior chefs says government and concern all stake holders should come in same umbrella for promoting Heritage cuisine locally and globally. They said that not even us but most of the foreigners they also like Nepali heritage food . Specking in the Show ‘ chef never retire’, the first executive chef of Nepal Govinda Narsing KC says if we promote our heritage food in different ways it would help to promote National identity . Government, Tourism Board, Hotel association , Chef association and other stake holders should jointly work together for making action plan and its implementation he said .

Senior chef and founder president of Chef Association of Nepal Puspa Thapa Magar says first secular and yearly calendar body has to form to make action plan for food promotion and concern organization equally be responsible with result basis  . He insists that lack of the documents and documentation of campaigns , we do not show our past records and verities of Nepali cuisine to rest of the worlds .

The program facilitated by Chef Vicks, another speaker , president of Chefs association , Shree ram Adhikari said that Chefs association is planing to promote our heritage food by organizing different programs  in China, India, other country of South Asia, East Asia and in Europe as well . Only expert chefs who has been working in particular menu of Nepali heritage food will be given an opportunity to participate he said.

The Live show ‘ Chef Never Retire ‘ and ‘ i am with chef ‘ is aired every sunday at 9 am . This program is produced my Karma Media in association with IHMCollege’ it cares’ – College of International Hotel Management , satdobatochowk.

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